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John started jDATA (Pty)Ltd to provide epidemiologic consulting and support to a wide variety of stakeholders. Outputs over the years have been linked to both Governmental and Industry with projects across the data scale from capture in the field, data management and storage, data analysis in both real-time and static aggregation as well as the use of scientific information to assist in system development and trade negotiation. 


Dr John Grewar, Director

Dr John Grewar, Director

Position Founding Director

About John Grewar completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Science and MSc (Veterinary Science) degree in 2006 and 2009 respectively. He worked as an epidemiologist for a Provincial Government in South Africa from 2009 until 2016 and then began work as a senior researcher for the Equine Health Fund with Wits Health Consortium. This work has evolved into his current position as Research and Innovation Manager at the South African Equine Health and Protocols NPC. His work includes the development of systems for the processing and reporting of equine health in South Africa with the goal of developing sustainable systems within South Africa that will enable the country to develop protocols with target trade partners. He has a special interest in surveillance and outbreak investigation, and has recently completed a PhD focussing on the evaluation of African horse sickness surveillance programs.